Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Nanako SoS

One of the most hilarious cartoons I have been watching has been Nanako SoS.
One thing that was the most funny was the voices of one of the characters. But in general, the story plot was unexisting but each episode was quite crazy and funny on its own.

Not so long time ago, they have finally published the manga and hence, I have grabbed it and read it during the summer.

It was not that many numbers to dig into, just 5, but the manga is quite...dense!
Some of the episodes are purely crazyness. There was no sense at all into them and I was really don't understand them, even though I tried to read them a couple of times.
But the comicity of it was devastating and it was really an entertaining read!
The manga differs a bit from the anime, for number of characters and story, of course, but the personality of the main characters was respected and that was what mattered!


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