Sunday, August 22, 2010

Solomon Kane

It will be soon time to play a role playing game with a bunch of friends. We usually play with them in a fantasy setting, that I maybe will describe another time...
Anyway, with about the same group of people we are going to start also a game in another setting.
The world of Solomon Kane. Or better, the Savage World of Solomon Kane.
For the moment, we should have been working in preparing the characters.
So, I read some of the setting material that was sent and thought of what character I wanted to be.
I usually play, in a standard fantasy setting, elves druids (even though my first "powerful" RPG character was a strange evil cleric troll - with a past as a gnoll and born as something else that I do not remember - who lived in the worlds of the MUD Tempora Sanguinis 2 at least 10 years ago).
And here, of course, there are nor elves, neither druids.
By reading the setting, I thought that an inquisitor would have been fun. A female one. At the end, I am an inquiring person anyway, so it can't be that hard.
I thought though that it would be nice to try to make something strange for the setting, and that could get inspired by my usual characters.
So, Karura-o, with Garuda (taken directly from the manga RG Veda) will be an humble japanese herbalist. I believe it will be quite challenging to make her live in this world where women are usually not that positively appreciated, magic gets persecuted and let's not speak about foreigners.
We will see how the game will develop and how Karura-o will survive it :)


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