Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Accessories for the balcony?

I have not yet managed to complete our balcony project since we are a bit indecisive on how to proceed.
My flowers right now are suffering some lack of sun, it would be nice to have maybe some little table in shabby style, but the space is limited and we don't want it to look it like a deposit.

My idea is to put some spark of color in accessories that will complete the balcony.
We excluded the idea of a carpet, since that would mean a lot of extra vacuum cleaning and I saw some wonderful pillows for our chairs (Rice) but we realized that it would be hard to clean them, and if they get dirty it will be a mess, although they were just adorable.

I then thought about buying some tableware (cuttlery and plates) in melamin, to make it more "easy going" and colorful. But we have plenty of such things already (not in melamin) so it was maybe a bit unnecessary...

We shall then attempt to buy a tablecloth. My suggestion is something colorful oilcloth but right now I can't find anything we both like!
And I don't know if we want to have something that would cover the table completely (but preserving the table) or two table runners that would make the table more elegant, but more risky to get some fancy stain.
I like (still from Rice, Mattias discarded just the first):

Last, but not least: I have fallen in love with these lanterns (Dixie Interiors). I just need to find them because at least one of them must end on our table! There are in white, pink, cherry, turquoise and green.


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