Monday, June 13, 2011

Summer Restyling

Summer is on its way (just a bit more than one week to go) and I have decided to refresh the blog with something new.
Some new background and colors as well as a new format (3 columns instead of 1).

Still a lot to do, I have of course (!) big plans and I am using the time needed to rock Isabella on her little bouncing cradle to do some of the things I have in mind.
So, this is not going to be the final result (hopefully), but we are getting closer!

Some suggestions or feedback so far?

Sunday, June 12, 2011

How to use a cute font when blogging

I have been using some unusual and fairly complex system to display cute fonts for headers and such in my blog. However, I had problems of transparency with Chrome on Ubuntu (see this post) since what was generated was basically images with some strange setting and, I had recently noted that the hosting of the font, on was not working any longer and I didn't think that was a stable solution for what I had in mind.

Taking inspiration from other blogs (e.g. my friend Chiara's one), I had decided to find a simpler way to make the blog cuter, without too much fuzz.

After some quick Google search I found this wonderful page and decided to use some of Google Fonts. I think I have been playing too little with the web in the latest years to not know that Google has a font API as well as realizing that the modifications to the blog layout were not just HTML settings and some weird language, but the so call CSS language, which I am now somewhat learning by playing around with the blog. Nothing fancy or complicated, but just made me realize I have been out of the "business" too long :)

Now, I will play around more with some fonts and hope I will have a nice result!


Saturday, June 11, 2011

Engaging the reader

It is not easy to keep the interest up of the few readers of a blog! There are so many blogs and maybe one lands on some blog when searching something on the internet, or simply, when surfing from blog to blog.

In search for inspiration, I have viewed several blogs that were suggesting at the end of each post, related subjects-posts. Today, I discovered that adding such feature is really simple! It is enough to use the LinkWithin widget, which takes few hours to sort out all the blog content and make proper guesses.

When doing this, I have noticed that my fonts got screwed up! I need to fix that - I wonder what is wrong with the Webs account where the fonts were lying....

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