Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Growing green

Well, in reality it is also about changing "green", since some plants have passed away and new ones have taken their places.
Of course, we are speaking of our famous balcony.

First of all, my beautiful dalia died :-( The final blow was given by one of the cats, I don't know exactly what they did but one day I went up to water the plants and it was like they smash those tiny plants to pieces. There was no big hope anymore for them.
So I substitute them with something called "Aster" which I hope will survive a bit better :-)

The little plant of coriander didn't make it through the summer at all. When we came back from our holidays the plant was simply not there anymore and we had not have the guts to ask our neighbor what did she do with it...
Anyway, we decided to risk again with an "exotic" herb and we ended up with the thai basel.
So far, so good...

Finally, but definitely not least important, our cayenne chilly plant is growing so much that soon it will be a tree. Of course that is not the only visible detail because the plant is full of flowers, and even funnier, many little (and not so little) chillies are appearing everywhere.
I believe soon we will distribute them to friends for a tasting sample ;)


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