Saturday, August 7, 2010

Some serious shopping

It was about time that I allowed myself some serious shopping.
I was planning to buy just one pair of jeans at the Replay outlet in Gallarate, but I ended up buying 3!
That is because since it is soon the new season starting, they had to get rid of everything there (or most of the things) with the nice benefit of 50% discount over the outlet price for us.

This is what I managed to find:

  • Teena model (flare line), with the nice gradient of the blue tone from dark to light (bottom to up)

  • Wendie model (bootcut line) in white 

    • Ioko model (bootcut) in denim

    I have noticed that similar discounts are available in the online shops - I still prefer to try the clothes on (especially jeans, it is hard to know exactly which one will fit and which size) but the prices are quite tempting anyway!

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