Monday, August 23, 2010

A birthday dinner at India Restaurant

We have tried to find a nice indian restaurant in Malmö (the ones in Lund are quite disappointing, imho), and we have tried so far three places. The last one is the one that has been impressed me positively the most so far.

Ok, the name is not that original and if one passes by the place might wonder where did they pick up the sign that is blinking outside, it seems coming out from a american hamburger place from the 50s, however, once in, things start to change. The place is quite clean and had a nice and simple way of having the table prepared, but it was having a nice atmosphere. The menu was not extremely huge, but offered quite some variation.

Strangely enough, they don't even have an homepage. Or if they do, it is impossible to find. Anyway, by Googling one can find at least the contact info.

I have often wondered how indian restaurants can have a quite huge menu and I think I have realized that they have everything pre-made and what they cook at the moment is the meat, that then it is added to the rest of the sauces and stuff. This gives the side effect that often the meat/or whatever is not perfectly integrated with the sauce.

I think that issue here was most identifiable since the meat (we took a lamb dish and a chicken dish) was a bit dry. However, the taste was just amazing!We also took a vegetarian dish, that had some vegetarian meatballs and that was the best dish we took.
We even managed to squeeze down an ice cream, and that was nice as well.

I think we will pay some more visits to this place and probably, we will go less and less to the other restaurants we have gone previously instead.


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