Thursday, August 26, 2010

Some minor beauty changes

Yesterday, since unfortunately we couldn't fulfill our romantic plans to celebrate our third wedding anniversary due to sickness (it sounds like we could not fulfille a time plan in a project ;-D), I ended up having some free time to work on the "ugly" things of this blog.

I hope you can see the minor changes!
First, I have fixed the header name and the title of each post by changing font. I think this is much more readable!
I have found that I could drown into a huge amount of free cute fonts by looking at the usual homepage. It is there that I found "my" new font and I am sure I could have spent some more time looking there.

I then decided that I wanted to enhance the blog by adding a post divider. This was an harder task, mainly because I could not find a post divider that I liked (too many were just silly blinking GIF images with a terrible graphics).
Adding a post divider was a fairly easy step. It was enough to follow this guide.
So that was quick enough.
I then tried to revive my graphical skills, but by using GIMP and by not having the right image, I spent a lot of time without doing anything good (just wasting time :-( ).

Desperate, I was ready to beg the authors of The Cutest Blog On the Blog to fix a separator, when I saw that eventually among the extras there was something for me...thank God!

And now...what more I have to fix (excep the Google Transparency issue on Ubuntu that noone wants to recognize as bug?!?)



  1. I like your blog! It is not only fun to read, it is beautiful as well!

  2. Thanks! I have still some improvements to do, though!


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