Wednesday, October 20, 2010

A day in Copenhagen

I forgot to add a post about our day trip to Copenhagen.
This was supposed to be our third anniversary celebration. Unfortunately, for that day Mattias was extra sick, so we had to stay home :-)

We have then decided to postpone the visit later on and we booked a day for it. The visit was including a stop at the Tivoli, some walk in the center with some shopping and then, finally a dinner at some nice restaurant recommended in TripAdvisor.

When we went there though the Tivoli was closed. So typical us! We didn't check that and assumed it was opened. Anyway, it was alright anyway and we took a long walk over the town, hate in some average place in Nyhavn and walked and walked. We didn't buy so much but we ate quite much, stopping at the super turistic Cafe' Norden.

And of course, we haven't documented everything with proper pictures, like every super blogger would do...

Finally, it was time to eat. The place is called Restaurant Krebseegarden (really easy name) and it is not so far from the station and the traditional center of the town. That evening it was promised to be a jazz evening and, although not a jazz freak myself, it was a pleasant change and it turned out to make the evening quite atmospheric.
We were the first in the restaurant and it looked quite small. It seemed like we entered the house of somebody!

They told us (in Danish...) what we were supposed to eat, since, due to the fact that it was a special evening, the menu was fixed. Argh! There were mushrooms! We mentioned my fear of such thing and I got a special alternative made just for me ;-)

Anyway, we got full and pleased with three dishes. Some sort of goose lever pate' (that Mattias didn't appreciate super much), a lovely dish made with some poultry (in my special version without mushroom sauce) and a dessert made with rhubarb.
Unfortunately, it was some time ago (almost one month) so I do not remember the details of the meal!
But everything was really nice and we felt like we were well appreciated guests in a friendly environment.
The prices was not incredibly friendly, but we knew it would have been like that and it was all worthy considering that we were not hungry at all after all and that with music, service and food we were really happy!

If you go to Copenhagen and want to have a special evening...I really recommend this restaurant!


Friday, October 15, 2010

A special occasion

We have finally reached a big goal in our relationship: 8 years and half together!
Since we have survived each other for such long time, we have rewarded ourselves by going to have dinner at a place where we had dinner before, for our second wedding anniversary.
Back then (just one year ago), the restaurant was called "Vendel at Sturehof" and it was a quite fancy, "fine dining" place.
We actually enjoyed the dinner then very much.
The restaurant itself is very nice, classic style, and we had a really nice service and really interesting food.

The restaurant though has changed "target" and now it is not as fine dining as it was before, although, in our opinion it is still on that kind of level.
It even changed the name, now it is called Sture and instead of having a complicated long dinner of 7 dishes, it is possible to pick up from a la carte, choosing between small and big dishes and a dessert.

We went for the proposed menu (4 dishes), which was quite affordable, considering the price of each singular item.
We ate some vintage matje herring on a bed of potatoes, which was much sweeter than usual.
We were still in the "small" dishes context, when we got a seafood soup with squash pure'. That was really really good.
Already here we were quite happy and we could also enjoy some nice bread in order to clean up properly the plates.
Finally, we had the big piece of the evening: a piece of pork belly which was just really really nice, served with potatoes and some senap sauce. We were basically licking the plates and this is one of Mattias' favorite dishes, actually.
We were slightly disappointed (compared to the rest) with the dessert, some apple pure' with vanilla ice cream, which was "ruined" by some crunchified cinnamon.
Nevertheless, everything was really good and what we could see from the menu is that there is an attempt to use the most trendy words ever: ecological and locally produced, made in a southern swedish way, which was not bad at all.

Thumbs up for this dinner!


Thursday, October 14, 2010

Cthulhu is calling!

We are not happy to play a game against a big squid and some other fancy monster just on a board game, we want also to do a role playing game about it.
Well, we have got involved into a group of people that have (impressively semi professionally!) played such RPG for some years now.
We have met just once but that was a good occasion to get an idea of the atmosphere, rules and mechanics of the games and also for starting to give some sort of personality to our characters.
We play a version based on the5th edition of the RPG:

Then the problem is of course, what kind of character one must have. And since sparkling silverish elves are not in the setting, I was in trouble more than ever.
I don't know how it started, but it turned out that I have created a character, whose name is Jennifer Lopez (!) who is mainly a revolutionary, who has though studied some chemistry there and then. We are in 1920s and the Mexican revolution happened during 1910s.
Coming from Mexico, suspicious and quite pretty and smart (and rich), Jennifer lacks though any sort of feminine touch to her personality, but it is quite clever and always trying to make the most out of a situation.
Maybe she would look like this?
Let's see how she will turn out to be...!

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

The Hole in One

Ok, I must admit that the title of this post might be misleading to the most malicious minds.
However, it is completely innocent and it is simply the name of a board game that we got as present some dinner ago. Board game that was published 1987.

The game mechanics are actually quite simple and they are resembling as much as possible real golf rules. All the clubs, except the putter, are dice, and the game is simply about luck. Roll and choose the path, choose the right club, roll and see where the ball goes!
Not the most incredible game on the planet, but funny enough if one is crazy about golf and doesn't want to use that much brain :) (which is not connected of course, to the golf matter at all ;D)

Monday, October 11, 2010

Golf equipment

So far, I haven't invested in any golf equipment since I have just started playing and since my skills are not that great. Nevertheless, I had the need to buy some shoes.
I know that the season is basically over, but we have still 4 green fee entrances to use in order to fulfill our "greenfee membership" and it means a lot of kilometers.

I didn't want from start to buy something golf specific because its usage would have been rather limited, but we went to Dormy and check out what they had there anyway.
Well, maybe because the season is basically over the prices were good, but the choice was extremely limited, and the sizes available even less. I didn't manage to find anything, but that was not too bad, since I thought that buy some other kind of training shoes would have worked anyway and I could then use them for something else as well.

We went then to Stadium and they had a good choice of walking shoes. At the end, 18 holes is about 6-7 km, which means a lot of walking. And my back could not take anymore my 10€-shoes for all those meters.
There were also good prices and I managed to find two models that I liked.
At the end I came back home with these:

The model is "Reebok Walk XC GTX3", not exactly elegant like a golf shoe, a bit big and probably the black will be hard to make it look nice in a golf setting, but well, they seemed comfortable, they are in Goretex and hopefully, they will help out my back to tolerate all that walking :-)

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Cozy autumn

One of the most beautiful things of the autumn is the darkness. At least, this is for me. Not so many Swedes like that and they even complained plenty about it! Well, here in the south of Sweden I don't notice such enormous difference with the darkness in Gallarate, but of course, there are less artificial lights here.

I like to pass around the houses of people and since there are not blinds that make the houses look dark from outside, one can spy a little bit inside and it is nice to see all the lights at the windows and so on.

And of course, one of the most coziest things ever is to light candles. So, I have big plans for candles this year (which I have meditated upon for several autumns, but now I have all the tools I need and I need just to start my plan...) and so I have started to light also outside in our "renewed" balcony.

I am definitely proud of the lantern purchase :-)

Sunday, October 3, 2010

It's cookie time!

After a moment of silence, from both the blog and from the kitchen, I have produced yet another recipe from the usual website. This time the recipe was about cookies.
I must say I was expecting a more compact dough, but maybe I did something wrong (just maybe?), either way, I tasted one of the cookies and the taste was more than alright!

Like always, my great manual skills do not make the appearance of the cookies as they should be, but we can't have everything....

I used for the cookies several types of jam: raspberry, peach, apricot, sea buckthorn, redcurrant jelly and japonica (a sort of apple).
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