Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Puerto Rico

The other day we have had the occasion to play again one of our favorite board games. It is called Puerto Rico.

The one that finds the most efficient strategy wins. Well, there can be several strategies, the problem is that others might obstacle you and the game itself, having a limited amount of resources, doesn't allow to fulfill a static strategy.

The game is settle in Central America, just after it has been discovered by Cristoforo Colombo, in the 16th century. One has to produce resources that are typically for that area (corn, indigo, sugar, tobacco or coffee) thanks to the colonists and ship the products back to Europe. All of this generates money, which will allow to have buildings that will facilitate one of the phases, and will finally help to collect the points that will judge the winner of the game.

Nothing is said until the very end. It is possible to still win even though maybe the production is not as vary or intense as one of the other players.

Hope to play it again soon and win, this time :-) I have never managed yet!


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