Thursday, October 23, 2014

Via Napoli, Malmö

For a serie of circumstances, we have ended up going to Via Napoli with a big bunch of relatives, including the Italian ones: we wanted to celebrate Oscar's baptism (which happened about a month ago). Despite some misunderstanding at the moment of the booking, we managed to fit all of us including all the kids and high chairs. The restaurant was full, but despite that we got a good service considering the circumstances and it was great to see that also the waiters were Italians. Everyone ordered different kind of food, so it is hard to judge all the dishes, but I took a simple antipasto (ham and melon) and a second (saltimbocca alla romana) and both were very good, almost as if I would have ordered them in Italy. The menu lists dishes from different regions and although it seems strange to have somebody capable of master them all, it works in Sweden, while it would be very odd in Italy. The place itself is rustique but it fits the atmosphere and the name of the restaurant: I wouldn't have expected a fine dining place :) During our dinner, there was also a pianist playing live and, although I was initially scared that it would disturb us, instead it was very pleasant and much better than some tedious stereotyped CD. We will surely return without such big company to have a calmer dinner and hope it will be tasting good also this time. And possibly, this time I will take some pictures which in the confusion, I totally forgot to take!

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Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Tiger Man, by Ikki Kajiwara

L'uomo tigre vol.15L'uomo tigre vol.15 by Ikki Kajiwara
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Tiger Man is one of the most classical serie I know.
The protagonist is an unlucky orphan. He decides to devote his life to the ones like him, by doing what he has been learning to do: wrestling.
His path is filled with episodes where he will show his true self and he will grow as a person, and as a hero. He will be surrounded by true friends, who he will try to abandon because he doesn't want to reveal his true identity. And his true identity will remain hidden until the very end.
It is surely not a realistic story (sometimes it is very much overdriven, as many mangas are), but its highlight are the high moral and the peculiar subject.
Wrestling is surely not the most popular sport, although it has been having quite some followers in some time period, but this manga manages to put the reality (with real wrestlers) and fantasy in a intricated pattern.
It could have been a very trivial manga: meeting at every episode "the evil of the day", however, although there are these less eventful episodes, the story is still told without resulting too boring or ripetitive.
The Italian edition is enriched with small articles about wrestling, the "real" Tiger Man and gives to the reader a deeper understanding.

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