Monday, August 30, 2010

A mixed post

I have so many things I would like to blog about, but for the moment I will limit myself to two.

First of all, I have retouched once more the blog graphics. This time I have corrected a tiny "misspell" in the header image, adding the right Swedish vowel. Secondly, since I got nicely pointed out that reading all the blab that I write with the previous color font could make a person sea-sick, I have changed it to a darker brown. I hope it has improved! Feedback is always welcome, good as bad!
Finally, I have improvised and this time, without the help of a tutorial, I have fixed the sidebar and added the same separator as between the post. So now the blog looks more coherent in itself. Fancy!
I still have the Chrome transparency issue on Ubuntu, but if some other geek wants to help me out with that I will be happy. I have sent a bug report to Chrome, but so far, they have just ignored it.
I think I would like also to have the pictures I post in some nice way. Fix the transparency of them and maybe a bit the border. But I am not sure I will do it also for the pictures of the previous posts.

Secondly. Let's change topic fully and talk about a game that we have been played about one week ago.
Arkham Horror. I think the main horror is the rules and the amount of cards that one has to display over its table. We just have a small expansion, but if one is geek enough, probably you would need to play on the floor to have the perfect area to play on.
The game is based on the novels written by Lovecraft, set in Arkham, a town in ...somewhere in USA.
Some divine monsters and other kind of creepiness are terrifying the town and the big Cthulhu one day, might decide to wake up and destroy everything.
So, the game is about being collaborating together in order to avoid that one of the Ancient Ones will wake up, by entering dimensional gates, exploring the other world, closing and sealing the gates and solving some other entertaining task, like killing various types of monsters.
All together, the game is pretty funny, but playing it the first time can be really a killer. Many cards, many rules, a lot of explanation that can be a good resolution if one suffers of insomnia, and so on, however, it is exciting to try to beat time (and the game itself) attempting to avoid all the catastrophes that instead the game is placing just in front of our heroes....

If you are an Arkham Horror freak, I really recommend to check this funny site:Indie Squid Kid. Hilarious against Carcassonne :-)

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