Sunday, August 8, 2010

Hatsukanezumi no Jikan

Written by Kei Toume, this manga has been recently published in Italy as "Vita da Cavie".
It is really a weird manga, which I borrowed from my friend Luca, and it is hard to understand what it is really about for half of the manga. At least, I had some serious problems :-)

I can't say that it is a masterpiece and I am quite happy it is nothing I have bought myself.
However, I found the plot original and I think it could have been developed in a more exciting way. Maybe it lost its charm in the way it has been published in Italy (since before it was part of one of the big "magazines").
The ending seems quite quick and it left me with a "aha!?" when I concluded to read the last number.

I think there is some hidden "morale" or metaphor that  I don't think it is as trivial as one might understand at first. It is a lot about the fact, in my opinion, that humankind lives in a situation on which big companies/few people are manipulating life and the way of living without us being really aware of it, but also the impossibility of some to live in a normal social context (in the last number some were having the opportunity to escape, but fail and are not regretting that option since they don't think they could live differently than what they have been used to).
Some classifies the manga as "scholastic thriller", maybe that is the genre, but I think it is more about criticizing the society of our world.
Or maybe I am just over analyzing it ;-)

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