Monday, June 14, 2010

Work in Progress

Hej Hej,

Today I am trying to play around (instead of trying to decrease my hideous to-do list) with the style/design of the blog.

If you are using Google Chrome it will look horrible, since there are some problems with the transparency of some images.
Nevertheless, I have followed this *awesome* tutorial for personalizing a bit the fonts used and I think we are getting closed to something nice.
What I don't like (except the horror with Google Chrome), is the fact that there is so much space around the font title and the font seems a bit too thin to be read properly. Maybe I should find another font?

I have also modified the header, but I am not fully satisfied there either. I don't like so much the frame around it and I think the font for the Blog name is a bit too "unclear".

What's your opinion? :)


  1. Ciao my love!
    I wanted to be the first to write in your beautiful blog! :-)


  2. ... and yes, the header still needs some work! :-)


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