Tuesday, June 22, 2010


One of the things I miss a lot from Italy is of course the food culture.
It has become more and more popular to exploit the concept of "Aperitivo".
When I was a teenager we were having an aperitivo in some bar/coffee place in the main square on Saturday evening: that was usually something to drink with some chips, nuts and maybe some other small thing.
The concept has then developed to "Happy Hour". Basically, by paying a fixed price for each drink (alcoholic or not) you could also grab some snack in a buffet. So, this concept is still super you can see from the picture!

Every place has of course its way of conducting the ritual, I actually enjoyed another aperitivo when in Italy, with some friends of mine (Smash was the place). I had to restrain myself to eat like a pig, since we were supposed to have dinner with my parents afterwards in some restaurant...but the buffet was quite huge and there were some really nice things!

Wish this concept would spread also in Sweden....

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