Wednesday, June 9, 2010


There are two shops that hypnotize me and when I enter them I get into some sort of frenzy. I would like to buy basically everything and in some cases, I start to pick up stuff and then I realize I do not really need it so I put it back, drowning in guilt.

One is about accessories, colorful, less colorful, whatever taste:
The other one is about beauy:

Every time I fly from Copenaghen I pay a visit to the shop and sometimes, I get out of there completely sad because I don't buy anything (I restrain myself, otherwise I would buy LOT of stuff).

When in London, I went to the shop in Victoria Street and spent about 40 minutes there undecided on what to buy. I think the security guard was keeping me under control since I was taking up constantly stuff and then putting it back, shaking my head.
At the end, I bought just a little present for Francesca...!
But then, when in Gatwick I decided that I could not spend 4 days in London without buying ANYTHING since the last time I was at the airport I didn't buy anything because I would have been buying whatever when in London....

So, this is the result!

One is a little present, the heart shaped mobile phone charm is going to be used on my white Bric bag as "decoration". And yes, I needed some tools for my pony tails ;-)

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