Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Summer bags

When I was in Italy I basically didn't do any shopping. I saw some things I liked but I felt quite stressed in buying in a short amount of time...I need to think of what I have at home, if I can combine things with something I have already or if I need then some other piece.
So, at the end, even though I had in mind some items to shop for my wardrobe, I did just look around a lot and did not spend my money on anything.
Mattias instead found a lot of stuff...but, that's another story!

Anyway, when at the airport I saw a bags shop and I jumped in it since I wanted to "enlarge" my summer bags entourage and eventually I did it! There were a lot of nice bags at the Carpisa shop and I decided to stick with "just" two bags (and they were quite cheap).
 Both of the bags do not have any leather detail. I think the pink one is just plastic based and the turquoise one is instead in some synthetic textile. I think it is better to have leather, even though that would make them more durable, but I think in this way they probably are easier to wash.
I think they look pretty alright! 
What do you think? :)Photobucket

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