Thursday, June 24, 2010

Risotto con radicchio e pancetta

The other day I decided to try a new risotto. A risotto with rosesallat (in swedish) and bacon.
I took the recipe from my favorite recipes website, GialloZafferano and I had some radicchio and some bacon that needed to see a better life.
Hence I searched a bit and found this recipe.
As every risotto, in my opinion, it was not that complicated to do, but it requires just a little bit of patience since you need to take care of the status (and as a matter of fact, I almost burnt the onion ;-) ).

I think the result was pretty good and it seems that Mattias enjoyed a lot. I followed the recipe pretty closely and if somebody is curious and wants to have it and doesn't master Italian yet (which would be a big sin) I can help out!
In short, though: light fry the onion in butter, add the bacon cut in small pieces and let it roast a bit. Add the sallad cut in stripes and let it cook for a while. It is time to add the rice, let it toast, add the wine and let it steam off. When that is done, it is time to add the fond slowly slowly until the rice is cooked.
Once ready, add a bit of butter after removing the pot from the heat, mix and serve it with a bit of parmigiano, salt and pepper!


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