Friday, June 25, 2010

A Di Penco visit

Already a couple of people I know had commented about this place in Malmö, so I put it in our "restaurants" todo list.
As far as I knew, the place was mainly a lunch/take away place, where you could eat fresh, homemade pasta.
I didn't know what to expect from an evening menu. I know that the place opened also as evening restaurant few months ago, but that was about it.
So, since yesterday I was exhausted when I came home from work, I took the phone and rang for booking.
When we arrived there, first we were confused if the place was a real restaurant (it is basically in a cellar of some building, a bit hidden), then, I was ashamed I called for booking, since it was basically empty. Bad sign or bad evening?
Nevertheless, we set and while reading the menu we got a plate with olive oil and some bread and we stupidly drown ourselves into it (which made me full quite quickly).
The menu was quite limited to few dishes (5-6 pasta, 5-6 pizza and 4 desserts) and the prices quite alright.
It didn't took too much for us to get the food. It was clear that at least it was really made by italians since the pizzaiolo was speaking napoletano and the other people working there were able to speak some Italian too. 
The pizza was alright (pizza Mario), with scamorza, ventricina salame and sundried tomatoes, with a quite nice dough. The pasta (fresh pasta with artichoke sauce) was a bit blend in the taste, but the pasta in itself was really nice. 
Alltogether, a quite nice dinner. I think the food can improve and surely, the atmosphere of the place. It is quite huge and it has some nice corner, but with the fact that it is "underground" it lacks a bit of light and cosyness.
I definetely recommend it for a quick dinner, italian style! 

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