Sunday, June 13, 2010

Ronan & Pico

It is quite funny to see that in some games Pico has been chosen as character ;-) (Pico is the little animal on the shoulder of Ronan)

Yesterday, we were at Christian&Marina and we played some "Descent: Journey into Dark". It is a board game that has a fantasy setting and a quite advanced board. One of the players (generally Christian!) would be the evil Overload that decides that will set up the game and make possible for our heroes to have different encounters.
We have been playing before, so we have been sticking to the characters from the previous quest (that we won!) and I have Ronan and Pico. So far, this campaign hasn't turned out to be easy: yesterday, we barely managed to survive (actually, Marina died once already) and we are hunted by some Manticore and Sorcerer and some other creature I don't remember the name.

We haven't finished the session (it is a quite time taking game) and we haven't decided on when to continue trying to survive in this epic world! But I hope we will manage ;-)

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