Monday, June 21, 2010

Recycling CDs

I came back from Italy with a couple of old CDs where we have burnts some old software. Now, it is of course obsolete, so I want to get rid of the CDs...
I was looking on how to recycle CDs (writable ones) and CD cases. 
It seems this is terribly hard! And, strangely enough, in Sweden!

First of all, by reading Italian websites there is none that states that burning plastic is OK (burning plastic might bring cancer!!)! But it seems in Italy there is not a proper system to sort out CDs and DVDs.
If I search on English websites, instead, I find that both in USA or in UK there are companies specialized in collecting CDs and DVDs, which are not recommended to be sorted as plastic since they contain a special film that doesn't make them fully "plastic" objects. 
I found even something like that in the Netherlands.

But if I search in Swedish, I can find that for everyone that has asked this kind of question, the answer is always: put them among the trash that can be burnt and it will be burnt as well.

Now, I really don't know what to do with these CDs. I can keep the CD case for some CDs I can burn still, but the CDs themselves, I surely do not want to trash them in the normal garbage...
How is it possible that there are no organizations collecting CDs for any sort?
I am actually astonished!


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