Sunday, June 20, 2010

City Hunter

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One of the things I have been doing in these days, since I have been in Italy, at home, has been reading manga. During Christmas I picked up a big pack of manga from my masquerade buyer, who also borrowed  many of his comics. Results: I have a big piles of volumes to read and I can't bring them to Sweden because the bags are always full of clothes, wedding presents and, of course, food. So, the cultural things end up downprioritized.

Nevertheless, I focused on a manga that has been published in Italy about 15 years ago, originally published in Japan instead at the end of the 80s: City Hunter.
It was 39 numbers and I had just 5 left and so I managed to finish it!!!
This is definitely not a manga for girls! The protagonist is constantly flirting (or drooling desperately) over every single woman appearing in the serie, except for his work partner.
City Hunter is his nickname and he is a sweeper. The story is basically about his work and who he needs to help out in several occasions (tendentially, beautiful women) and, especially during the end, unveil the background story of Ryo (City Hunter) and Kaori (his partner) and how their lives is interlaced with the one of some recurrent characters (Miki, Saeko, etc.etc.).
If at first the manga can appear a bit long and repetitive, it actually is quite funny thanks to the comical aura around the two main characters and it gets really involving at the very end. I think, though, that the last two numbers could have been skip and that the story could have been properly concluded before.
I think this is a really nice manga to read, since it has a nice mix of action, comic scenes and a bit of love stories, plus, it shows a bit of Japan and that is always pleasant to see/read. I also like a lot the way Tsukasa Hojo (the author) draws the story....but still, of his works, Cat's Eyes is still my favorite!

Well, time to go to bed!!!

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