Monday, July 5, 2010

Weekend Brunch

Since we have the tendency to wake up a bit late and take it really easy, standing in front of the computer maybe a bit too long before getting started, we have started to develop the concept of brunch. In this way we also save some time, since we avoid to prepare food twice (we would have then lunch not too later on...).

Mattias is usually the one preparing the food. We might eat some leftovers from the day before, as well as the standard breakfast enriched by classical more steady breakfast items. Well, I mention this because usually our breakfast is quite quick: mine is a sweet thing, juice and maybe a tea; Mattias' has musli with milk but otherwise is also juice and maybe tea.

Last saturday Mattias did something really nice, similar to something he had previously done. First we add to our breakfast some scrumble egg (maybe with some old cheese that needs to be finished) and some nice bacon (we found a really nice brand that doesn't "fake" the smoke taste). We had also some blueberries that we bought quite cheap together with some other nice fruit and finally, his final touch: some nice fried tomatoes with a little bit of parmigiano on top. Really really tasty!!!

And i forgot! There was also some nice kind of flat brad, with some caviar and philadelphia cheese, rolled and cut which you can see in the top left corner of the picture(s).
I am looking forward to the next brunch :)



  1. Mmm... must definitely try to put parmigiano on fried tomatoes!

  2. you can also try to do them in the microwave instead of frying them! They became equally good!


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