Saturday, July 24, 2010

Outdoor furniture

As part of the process of making our balcony looking better, we thought of getting rid of the "old" plastic table and chairs we have to get a bigger wooden table, so we can have lunches/dinners there and also sit there with friends. 
So far, we haven't used that much our balcony and we think it is also due to how it looked like before. 
Already now, it looks better, but the plastic table is too small for eating and it is quite unstable.

So we started our hunt for outdoor furniture, considering that this is a sale period and hence, we hit the best prices on the market.

  • Plantagen was our first stop. Since we are searching for "organic" material we avoided for sure the plastic items. We also have a brownish floor so we have excluded anything in white (maybe it would fit some extra-white-trendy house of these days). We looked at Nydala. Extremely interesting was to notice that the price between the shop in Lund and Malmö differed of at least 2000kr for the same piece of furniture.

    The model in the picture below is not what we looked at: it had straighter legs, but the chairs and the surface of the table is the same. I was not so fond of the chairs because I think they are too much space taking and our area is quite limited and I don't want it to get it too crowded. The table in itself was quite ok and what I liked the most was that most of the wooden furniture was FSC (you don't know what FSC is? Check here, it is really important for the environment!)
  • Jysk was the second attempt. We looked at the website and it seemed to have a quite decent collection, so we checked it out. I also liked the fact that the furniture was labelled FSC as well. However, once there we were a bit disappointed. We didn't see such big offer of furniture (we could have asked of course) but we were not impressed by anything in special and everything seemed a bit plain and a bit unstable.  What had initially caught my eye was Vermont. I liked the line of the chairs, not too big, seemed comfortable enough. However the table was just too boring 

  • At Miljögården I was totally hooked upon these amazing chairs! 
    So comfortable to sit in them since you can swing when sitting there and the wood was so fantastic. Also the table was really beautiful! It looks like the Grythyttan chairs are classical swedish outdoor chairs and we could find them at our golf club 's restaurant.  But the prices was just up to the roof and we were really indecisive if buying those or not (it costed 16000kr). We decided to not buy neither the chairs nor the table, since the outdoor furniture is nothing we use so frequently to justify such a cost...(plus, it was not clear if the wood was FSC or not)
  • Bauhaus was discarded from the start since it seemed they had about the same things as Plantagen.
  • Mio was discarded too, since we didn't see anything that we liked from the homepage.
  • We finally ended up at Ilva and we looked at a table we really really liked (Luka).Luka We liked the shape being a bit original and it was not too big and not too small. The downside note of all of this were the chairs! From the pictures the chairs looked alright, but we were disappointed once there because they are in some plastic material and we wanted something more "organic". But the discount here was amazing! About 4100kr of discount! Comparing to our "fav" (the Grythyttan one) the price difference made the difference!
Since we didn't have time to go to Ilva again, we checked the website and we saw they have a webshop. 
We were not having any doubts about the table
LukaIt has a bit of elliptic shape and I think that is what makes the table really nice. 

But now there was the chairs matter and we decided to go for them anyway. 
LukaThey are available also in black and white and I thought black could have been a cool color. But when thinking twice, when it is warm, black will be really "hot" and we will probably buy some pillow that will break the monotony of the brown, instead. I like the line of the chairs, they are also quite comfortable to sit on, I would have just preferred some more natural material.

The webshop was just great. They will do home delivery and we could see that it was going to be scheduled in the period during which we are away. Hence, as soon as the order was made (extremely smoothly, by the way - I was all e-shopping would be so nice!) I sent them an email asking if it was possible to have the delivery done once we would have been back. After few hours I got a reply and that was possible. Great service!!! I really recommend it!

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