Friday, July 2, 2010

Chicken sticks

Yet again I have taken inspiration from my fav recipes website Giallo Zafferano (available unfortunately just in italian).
This was quite a success, but it became a bit time taking. I have also realized that the base recipe is actually just something that can be applied with bigger slices of chicken and not necessarily small pieces (which is the time taking part when frying).

The recipe is this! The ingredients needed for the chicken itself are (of course the chicken), eggs, flour, breadcrumbs, parsley, black pepper and parmigiano. I honestly didn't take the amount indicated in the recipe because I used the amount I saw that it was needed.
For the breadcrumbs I always recommend homemade one. It is quite easy to have and it is also an excellent way to avoid throwing away a lot of leftover bread: I let it dry and then I grind it and the result is really good. I usually keep in the fridge for storing and it lasts quite long.

The chicken (I never buy frozen chicken!!!) was cut in tiny slices and passed first in the flour, then in the egg and finally in the mixture of breadcrumbs, parsley, black pepper and parmigiano.
In the recipe there was also grinded almonds used, but I decided to skip them for simplification and also because I am not really super fond of almonds.
The sauce preparation was quite easy (and I simplified it a bit respect to the recipe one as well): i took a portion of mayonnese, one of senap and one of honey and mix it alltogether. It was really nice!

Finally, I made fry everything in some oil. I usually use quite cheap oil for frying since, although olive oil gives the best taste in my opinion, here in Sweden it is precious like gold :)
I let the chicken become golden on both sides and that was a quite quick operation.
For me, the heaviest part of them all was to take all those tiny pieces of chicken and roll them in the different ingredients. I got quite fed up after a while :-)

The end results was extremely tasty! A little bit of salt could have been added on top, but I skipped it and Mattias didn't complain :-)


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  1. Ciao Mrs Wallergård!
    When I did the remaining chicken sticks today I found a faster way to prepare them. Instead of making them one and one, I grabbed a "little ball" of chicken slices and then rolled this ball around in the flour, in the egg and then finally in the bread mixture. Super fast and the result was great! :-)


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