Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Vendel at Ales Stenar

On Saturday, since it was a really fabulous warm day, we decided to go at eat at a place that we have spotted when going with some friends to the place, Ales Stenar.
Ales Stenar is a place nearby Ystad where there is located a megalitical monument. There are a lot of hypotheses around why it is place there and what is its scope, but for the moment the stones, an elliptical shaped formation, stay there peaceful on the top of a cliff, surrounded by many cows.
We skipped going to Ales Stenar itself, since we have been there already twice, we were a bit late and it was incredibly windy (and too cold as soon as the sun went behind the cliff).
Anyway, we landed at Vendel at Ales Stenar, and we chose to eat at the grill. The location is quite nice, in the harbor of Kåseberga, with just behind the famous cliff (and some cows) and in front, the sea. However, it is extremely windy and we were dressed thinking it would have been warmer. Luckily they had some blankets to borrow us...
We picked up the menu that provided to taste a bit of everything and to eat as much as one could and we surely did!
We got some nice bread with some nice dressing while waiting for the first dish, a tomato soup, that despite the fact that it was a bit too salty, was really refreshing and tasty. 
We then dive into several meat dishes and a salmon dish, everything grilled. It was really good! Altough we had to wait a lot to get the food (almost an hour...).
Among our favorites we had a honey baked lamb leg, a pig belly rosemary flavored and finally some nice chicken. All the meat was served with new potatoes and a nice and simple sallad with a senap based dressing.
We really appreciated the food, especially because it seems they are making an effort to try to fetch ecological products as well as ingredients produced locally.
We took also dessert and we were quite happy with it as well. 
We have really enjoyed our evening there, even though we had to wait a lot for getting fed, but considering the price we thought that it was worthy and we think it would be nice to go there again. Of course, knowing now that we will die of cold if not dressed properly or going there for lunch, instead :-)


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  1. The pig belly was to die for! (the one of Bloom is still better, though)


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