Friday, July 16, 2010


I had seen many friends on Facebook posting all sort of items about Twilight, but I really couldn't understand what it was. I didn't know if it was a TV serie, a movie or what. I then got explained that it was a serie of books, for the teenager audience, a vampire story and that some movie had been made.
It got all quiet about it, on Facebook at least, but then some other friend of mine mentioned it when she came and visit and she said she could not take her eyes off the books. I was then all of a sudden curious and I made the interest clear, so much that one day, during the spring, I got all four books delivered at home (borrowed, that is :-D).

I started to read it, even though I had something I had just starting read, and I was not so enthusiast of the book. The emotions and the feelings of the characters were really nicely described, but the story was a bit too much "sweet and with happy ending" so much that it seemed dull.
I can say that also New Moon was leaving me with a bittersweet feeling since the evolution of the story seemed quite predictable and again, what I appreciated the most of the book was the way the feelings of Bella were described. It felt so real! I could easily say: "yes, in this and that occasion I have felt the same too!".
I got a bit bored with Eclipse, since once again the plot seemed not so realistic, but well, I was not expecting anything more.
At the same time I started to watch the movies and I was in disbelief over their popularity because, well, I don't know, I didn't get so especially amused by them. I think the actress that is Bella on the screen especially could have picked up with a better choice and the only thing I had appreciated of the movies were the special effects on the second one. I haven't yet watched Eclipse, even though the posters of the movie have been booming all around town for a while. I guess soon it is time to watch it on the small screen.
Finally, I started to read the fourth book, Breaking Dawn and, even though I found the story quite...weird and totally surrealistic, I got hooked on it and wanted to read more and more. It is just as absurd as it can get, however, I found it better written than the other three and surely more interesting, maybe because all the pieces of the puzzle finally fit together and there is some fancy idea from the writer that made the story not anymore so dull.
I was not so happy on the final though, a bit too much happy and joyful, of course, it was a nice ending and not too trivial (as in Harry Potter), but well, I guess happy ending are not really my thing!

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