Tuesday, July 13, 2010

A sockerlåda

Earlier this year I had decided to try to fix our balcony (which is a bit like a veranda, since it is surrounded by windows) and make it look nicer and maybe cultivate something. Not that the weather here is the best to do that, but you know, maybe one can take advantage of the few warm days and the "greenhouse" effect of the glass.

Pity though, we haven't had the time to fix it before. We got the windows cleaned, we finished some cleaning off and we oiled the floor. Look at the result!
We had some furniture on the balcony, mainly some trash container (recycling is hard job) and we decided to move that downstairs (but we haven't yet found a proper place to recycle everything...).

 We will most likely sell the old furniture (in plastic) and we will buy some nice table where we can have dinner with our friends. But for the moment, since it is already too late for the planting season, I prioritized the flower section and went and bought a bunch of plants to have on the balcony.
I don't know how much I went back and forth at the shop because I was unsure on what to buy...

At the end I bought a couple of dalie and pelagonie (in italian, gerani) with some big vases. Then I thought of having a mini collection of plants that we could get something from this summer...and so I bought a plant of lavanda, coriander, a chili, onion chive and finally, I thought of adding to this collection our rosemary.
I had some idea in mind to put all this in some wooden box, but I could not find anything at the flower shop.
I surfed a bit on the internet  until I found the concept of "sockerlåda", a box for containing sugar.

It took a while to eventually manage to put hands on one of them since it seems they are really popular!!! With it, I bought also another box, that will not be used for the moment (a makaronilåda, a box for maccheroni!!)
The sockerlåda comes from the ´50s and was used by some sugar factory in Småland (if I remember right).

In the meanwhile, that I was hunting down the sockerlåda I was having some concern for the plants to plant there. The pelagonia and the dalia instead had the chance to start to enjoy some sun and warmth in our vases.

It doesn't seem like they are suffering our company too much :) Hope they will survive the summer though, since in the balcony it can become quite warm during the day.
We are really proud of our sockerlåda result! We hope that the cats will not confuse it for a litterbox ;) We put some plastic for protecting the wood, since we thought it would have been a pity to get wasted such a nice box. And the wood seems really nice too!
For each plant, altough I know perfectly what I have planted, I have added small "labels" in different languages (at the end, ours is an international family) but I am not super happy of my handwriting and the final result since it was not that easy to write on the sticks.

I am looking forward to see some chili growing there. Hope it will happen and that the plants will survive for a while more!!



  1. Thanks :-)
    I hope I will manage to do also some graphical improvement on how I post the pics!


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