Friday, August 30, 2013

An Excursion to Wanås

Last week we have been incredibly very active, or better in a different way than our usual and that has implied that we have taken advantage that this summer, here in Sweden, the weather has been incredibly nice and we did an excursion with some friends of ours. Thanks to their suggestion, we ended up visiting Wanås.

The location is at about one hour (and a bit more, especially if you get a fine on the way) from Lund and it is huge. The main thing is the park around the castle, a quite old and beautiful building which is still owned by the count Wachtmeister and is not accessible (but admirable).
Buildings around the castle, like some old barn, have been converted to being used for the exhibitions hosted in the park. Some exhibitions are permanent, others are seasonal.
In this barn you can buy tickets, souvenirs, ecological food among other things
The park is quite huge: I think one has to be there a full day to enjoy it and explore it in its complexity and beauty. It is beautiful not only because there are art pieces spread there and then, but also because it is very picturesque with the big pond and beautiful trees and vegetation.
The pond
The most fascinating thing is how the different art pieces melt very good in the environment and are also quite interactive. In fact, the kids managed to enjoy being there and not just get bored as they would do in an modern art museum!
Mamma, look at that ball!
And also for us, adults, it was interesting to be able to be in the masterpiece or do something with it. For example, two of Yoko Ono's works there were some of the things I liked the most. One was a series of trees (apple trees? ;D) with wishes written on piece of paper, hanging on it (as they often do in Shinto temples in Japan). Another one was a collection of ladders of different dimensions and appearance, used to "reach the sky".
Wishes trees for Wanås, Yoko Ono
Mattias reflecting himself
As said, some of the buildings are used in an artistic sense, not only to host works, but to be part of them. For example, one big barn, five stores high, had each floor used for representing something specific. It was very impressive because the building in itself was huge and depending on the light coming from the windows different effects were obtained.

Light games in a big barn
Wanås, though, is not just art. In 2011 Skånemejerier (a major diary product producer in south of Sweden) had promoted Wanås for ecological products. Nearby the park, a farm is producing milk for Skånemejerier and cows are visible in the stables. As far as I have understood, in spring there is a little event when the cattle is finally allowed to go out from the stables. Kids seems to enjoy such things ;-)
But cows are not the only animals living in Wanås..
A little frog
The ecological concept is not just limited to the cows and the milk. There is also an attempt to try to promote sustainable energy and for supporting this there is a building where biogas is is produced for heating up a radiator that everyone can touch.
Most interesting has been of course the food in the cafe'. With a very interesting menu, constituted by ecological and locally produced dishes, it was lovely to have the possibility to have lunch directly there.
Pork chop
Me and Mattias took a very nice pork chop. The portion was huge and the meat tasted like a pork chop has never tasted before! It was just great! Accessories to the chops were some potatoes, aioli, pesto and a nice cauliflower and carrot salad (and note, I usually don't like cauliflower!).
We also took, as dessert, a cheesecake, and that was something from another planet! With pecans and a very lovely consistency it was something that finished too quickly...

The whole day was a great experience: it was fun, interesting and we could spoil ourselves with great food.
The only bad thing is that Isabella didn't sleep so much in the car so she was lovely the rest of the afternoon, once home... :-)
Hope we will manage to come back one day, maybe not having to rush for making her or whoever else sleep after lunch!
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