Thursday, August 15, 2013

An evening at Far i Hatten

Sometimes it is nice to be able to go out with some friend and have a cosy evening together. Although, one is missing those evenings where one, as a couple, could go out and enjoy some new place.
It is even nicer when the friend is actually enjoying nice food and suggest good places where to eat and/or have a nice atmosphere.

This is the case of Far i Hatten (Father with Hat) which is located in Malmö Folkets Park and is definitely a "multipurpose" place. Music, food, lunch, drinks, foozball tables and also a cafe'. Maybe a bit too much, one could think, but everything is melting into each other without too much fuzz.

We went there for dinner and the place was swarmed with people. I can't really say that the place is cosy, but in a summer evening you don't want to feel like it is an autumn living room, right? And the atmosphere just was perfect for an holiday evening, when you just want to relax in a casual place.

The menu is not too huge, but has some decent variation so one can combine different items and be full afterwards. The ingredients are tendentially ecological and locally produced, so it is nice when one can eat local specialities that are hard to be found in other place. Unconventional is good (if not too odd) and the Alsatian  "pizza" was perfectly fitting in the context.

We splitted an antipasto, which was rich in salame, cheese, some vegetables and some local ham and then we dove into the Alsatian pizza and it was great in order to fill full and satisfied. The Tarte Flambee' was rich with creme fraiche and senap, and hence not exactly light. Unfortunately, the topping was too enriched of red onion, which I think made it a bit too heavy, but otherwise, it was a great dish and the version I took, with olives and rocket sallad did make a very nice contrast to the rich dressing.

It is also good to know that the menu is semi static. This means maybe some dishes are changed during the season, but from week to week one can eat small variations in some dishes (e.g. the antipasto) and having a quite discrete amount of different main dishes makes it hard to have somebody get bored immediately.

Unfortunately, we were so focused in chatting that I forgot to take a picture of the tarte flambee', but I hope there will be a next occasion to refresh a pleasant evening with a friend (but maybe it will be in some other place? ;D)
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