Monday, August 12, 2013

Prosciutto made in Sweden

After a small summer break and few posts about manga, it is time to go back to one of my favorite themes: food.
During one of our regular summer tours, the one in Kalmar, we had the opportunity to see some new items in the "delikatessdisken" (deli counter), one of which made us quite curious and interested.
Yes, it seems that finally also Sweden is trying to produce their own air-dried ham (lufttorkad skinka or better some cold cut of the prosciutto family).
Presentation over the ham

The ham
Of course, the inspiration comes from Italy and an Italian family from Parma is involved in the experiment while the Swedish counterpart is located in Dalsjöfors (not too far from Göteborg).
Reserva has a quite high price, but it is absolutely worthy to be tried and tasted. If one expects the classical prosciutto di Parma taste or maybe some of the Spanish variants, then he will be disappointed. It has quite some differences.
Despite this, the taste grows and grows more one eats it. The only pity is that I haven´t yet seen it in other shops yet.
If you want to read more about this, please check this page.
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