Saturday, August 3, 2013

Lady! by Yoko Hanabusa

Lady Vol. 12Lady Vol. 12 by Yoko Hanabusa
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I remember watching this anime when I was small, but I saw just some episode there and then and I was never hooked by it (there were already too many cartoons with tragedies/sad stories/poor protagonists around!), also possibly due to a bad adaptation.
I decided though to buy the manga since I wanted to know how the story really was and I thought I'd like it, as I usually like "old" manga.
In fact, I was not disappointed by it, even though there is not an enormous (or unexpected) development of the characters.
The plot is surely nothing very revolutionary. There are big hints on how things will turn out and there are plenty of hobstacles that will be solved very elegantly by the "heroes" of the story.
As one might guess, certain characters from being very surly or spiteful will turn out nicer and nicer, reminding me of some of Candy Candy villains.
However, the drawings are very nice (or in line with my expectations) and the story is catchy enough to not becoming too boring or ripetitive, ending with a positive, but open finale without concluding it without falling into obviousness.
For the ones nostalgic as I, this is surely something that deserves attention!

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