Monday, August 26, 2013

A workshop at Flädie Mat och Vingård

It has been years since I got the opportunity to be somewhere for work without me paying, so I was actually looking forward to the workshop I attended last week.
The location for the first day was Flädie Mat och Vingård, a nice place outside Lund where about 6000 plants of wine grapes grows and where some local wine is produced.
I don't know all the possibilities that the facility offers, but wine tasting, dinners, conferences and also weddings are some of the events that might take place there.

By being there the whole day, we had the opportunity to had lunch and dinner and also some breakfast and coffee breaks.
On top of the food, there was plenty of space for us to be divided in team and work and the environment was comfortable and, with a free wifi, gave us also a lot of freedom.

Food wise it was an interesting and sophisticated experience, although I think that presentation was emphasized over food sometimes.
The lunch
I like small appetizers and the lunch was constituted by a collection of different small dishes. It was just confusing if there was going to be something more or that was just the beginning of a long meal!
Unfortunately, we got disappointed and ended up have to pass the buffet several times.
The different dishes were quite interesting, from a beef salad with cilantro, to some pickled herrings served in a spoon, and a sort of pancake with some kind of jam.
The afternoon coffee break
The treat continued interrupting the hard work during the afternoon with a smoothie banana and passion-fruit (not that banana based smoothies are my favorites) and a nice chocolate pastry.
And after an hard day of work, we were all looking forward to the dinner.
The evening, I must confess was beautiful: it was still warm and the sun was starting to set. Being outside was pleasant and peaceful. It is a pity it was with work!!!
For the Swedes the amount of glasses and cutlery was in "Fantozzi style"
The appetizer: a salmon tartar with some roe and a potato sort of pancake (can't remember the name now)


Chocolate mousse, raspberry ice cream and a rhubarb pie
All the dishes were quite "sophisticated". For example, the ice cream base was fresh cheese, but for my taste I'd prefer a bit less accurate presentations and a bit more of food. Not that after eating (ehm, working) the whole day I did need some extra food, but when you are finally getting the taste for what you are eating...well, it was over!
On the funny side, with the "food" there were served different wines (and for the ones interested, also some non alcoholic drinks). When the dessert arrived, the non alcoholic variant of the wine (which was a Brachetto) turned out to be a "Sövde Musteri Must". Pity it was just made by Discovery apples, otherwise I would have suspected there was a percentage of our last year 450 of apples... :)
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