Sunday, August 21, 2011

Gooseberry, cinnamon and rhubarb jam

On the wave of the summer fruit and discovery, here there is yet another jam. The second of the season. Actually, I found out that this is a way to use a lot of fruit in a short time and that it is fairly simple (especially if using the jam sugar). We usually get quite a lot of fruit, especially berries, from the cat hotel owners and we have always hard time to consume them.
Also, I think it is really nice to be able to give as a gift a little (or medium) jar of your own jam to people and I like to receive feedback so to make new different "tastes".

This time, I decided to just take what I had and I briefly searched what would be a good combination with gooseberry and I found out that cinnamon would have been the key ingredient to make the taste less flat.
As the previous experiment, I put a bit more fruit than sugar so that it would not be a too sweet jam. And I discovered that people do not like too sweet jams and hence, mine was quite appreciated.

Ingredients for about 1,5 kg of jam:

  • 750 gr of gooseberries
  • 750 gr of rhubarb
  • 1 kg of jam sugar
  • a tea spoon of cinnamon

I warmed up the frozen berries and the rhubarb in a big pot, without adding anything.

Once the fruits was warm and not frozen any longer, I blended the fruit, but not too much in order to leave some fruit to chew on.

I have finally added the cinnamon to the mix!

Since I was still "cheating" using the jam sugar, I simply added it and let it cook for the time written on the package. Well, if I have to be honest, in this case I accidentally left it over the heat some minute extra and burned it slightly (which however gave a nice back-taste to the jam!).

It is finally cooked! As you can see, there are some pieces of fruit that are well visible.
As usual, I sterilized the jar and then I filled it with the jam. It turned out to be a really good jam to eat with cheese. 

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