Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Great St Bernard Pass & Aosta

This summer we did a lot of traveling, despite the fact that according to the most popular traditions: once you have a baby you are locked inside your own home!
After spending 10 days in Sicily, we added to our "summer tour" also a new goal: spend few days chilling out in the Alps.

We chose of course the coolest days of August to go there (...) and hence the weather was not that great. This meant that warming up a seldom-used house took about 5 days. Then we had to go back!
Nevertheless, we enjoyed the freshness of the air more than the heat we would have found later on in Gallarate...

We improvised some small excursions touching Aosta, Great St Bernard Pass, St Rhemy (well, that was not a big excursion) and Lausanne.
Aosta turned out to be a quite lively town (well, I have seen it hundred of times before, but never noticed these things), with a lot of tourists and souvenir shops, but also beautiful shops (we found a comic store that was very nice!) and some small event. There were small stands in the main streets where people dressed in typical clothes were showing old-fashioned toys to the smallest ones.
We did a short walk among some of the monuments, touching with the car the Augusto Arch, eating an ice cream in the main square, walking by the Porta Pretoria and finally talking a stroll in the Roman Theatre.

Certainly, the Romans knew where to build stuff!

We decided to pick up the worse day instead for going up to the pass. The road (which is being improved) is quite scenic and the mountains were beautiful surrounded by the clouds.

It was damn cold up there and it even started to rain!
We got "robbed" in one of the coffee places there, where we had to go since Isabella was hungry (and sitting outside feeding her would have been crazyness!). A fake chocolate was incredibly expensive and we were astonished at how the Swiss people there could not understand nor the italian "cioccolata" neither the english "chocolate". How different is it from the french?!?!??!
Since we are at it, we decided also to show Isabella the St Bernard dogs and we invested again in swiss franks for visiting the kennel and observe those beautiful dogs and the quite interesting museum.  In the museum we could read about the history of the place and, even though this was probably the 15 time I have been there, still there was something to learn!
Since the temperature was quickly dropping to northern-Sweden levels, we decided to go back home!

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