Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Are you crazy about Barbapapa'?

I am!!!
Here in Sweden it is very fashionable to have a lot of items Barbapapa' - style, and therefore, it is really easy to find a lot of accessories and not, for me or for Isabella (or we get them as present, of course).
It is possible to buy clothes both at H&M and Åhlens, for babies and kids, but at Åhlens it is also possible to find different items: sheets, toys, towels and even some object for the kitchen.

Every time I go in one of the two shops, I am very tempted to buy a lot of things, but luckily, I seldom do so (after all, we have already enough clothes, toys and items at home!)
My latest purchase is this funny pot-holder:

What there is not here in Sweden though is a set of furniture and accessories for babies with Barbapapa' theme. Luckily, Foppapedretti compensates for such loss!
There is everything that would make every (crazy) parent drool!
Just check here: Barbapapa' & Foppapedretti. From a light stroller, to a nursing table!
More than once, I was tempted to consider buying the Barbapapa' crib for Isabella, if the price would have not been prohibitive (add to that the expedition costs!).
Pity, though, is that Foppapedretti doesn't sell in Sweden...maybe it is time to evaluate a franchising option? Or at least, I should write a wish-list for Christmas for me and Isabella...

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