Friday, August 26, 2011

An afternoon in Karlskrona

For a reason or another, we have never managed to do something "funny" on our wedding anniversary. This year, we were closed to yet another disaster. After some discussion over the topic, we decided to take advantage of the place where Mattias would have been for discussing heavy strategy about his work place, to go and visit Karlskrona (Mattias was in Blekinge with work overnight).
I have always wanted to go there since the Naval Port is in the list of world heritage items of the Unesco.

So, on Thursday morning, after a colorful "Isabella's morning", enriched with a lot of change of clothes, tears and hurry, I took the car and drove with her on the E22, the strangest highway of the planet (or at least in Europe), for picking up Mattias at Järnavik, where he was waiting on a bench for a LOOONG time.

After a quick lunch at "Royal Thai" in Karlskrona (I recommend it because at least the waitress is quite hilarious: she underlined for me that I was not supposed to give the beef salad that Mattias took to Isabella because "too spicy"...), we started to walk in the town.

The only item on the list was the Maritime Museum, so we improvised for everything else. We took a road down from Stortorget and at the sign "Rosenbom", Mattias told me that we would go there although it was nothing super fancy. We reached the military area where the Amiralitets Kyrkan is located and there there was, the statue of Rosenbom. The story about him and why he is there can be read inside the church (the biggest wooden church in Sweden, quite pretty, indeed).

It seems Rosenbom was met by a Selma Lagerlöf's character, Nils Holgerssons, in his wonderful trip around Sweden.

We took a stroll down to the sea, and we could observe a nice area, where on the right there was the military zone and one could see submarines and far away, a radar (I think) and on the left we had some fancy building (or at least, historical one) and in front of us the Old Shipyard.

We walked on the Old Shipyard and the buildings were interesting, although they can't be visited (or at least, we didn't think they could?) but we found some other interesting items...
For example, an head in a playground near the beach (a blue flag beach!!!)!?
Or this utterly comfortable bench near the museum...

A collection of sharks just outside the museum:

And a nearby diving bell that Mattias wants to explore:

Finally, our destination!

The museum was quite interesting, but a bit "old fashioned" in the exhibitions style. This means tons of objects and knowledge, but too much to be grasped in one visit. Quite cool was the "underwater" tunnel, but disappointing the exhibitions about the cold war. Too noisy, no information in English, too much "blablabla...".
The best part? The last room, with the figureheads, was the best. A beautiful room with the view on the sea, all these impressive figureheads around. In a more sunny day, it might have been breathtaking!

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