Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Restaurants and food in the St Gran Bernard's Valley

When in the Alps we were obviously lazy, after being spoiled for 10 days, in the cooking, so we took the occasion to go to some restaurants and eat some typical food (yes, of course, it is summer and that food is "winterish", but this winter we were sick and we didn't have the opportunity to taste anything!).

First of all, it is worthy to mention that one of the best things there is a specific type of ham, called Jambon de Bosses, that is just too good (when well cut...). We had the occasion to go to a small place, at the entrance of Bosses, called Sous le Pont de Bosses or something like that, where you can eat a tray full of mixed cold cuts and cheese, among which the Jambon. The price was a bit high (about 21 € for two people), the bread was not the freshest they had produced that day, but it was totally worthy eating Jambon, Lardo d'Arnad, some salame and four different types of cheese, especially toma.

The night we arrived we went to the restaurant of the hotel Col Serena. The atmosphere is still from the 70s (as most of the things in that valley) but the food was quite alright. One of the best dishes that I like to eat is the crespelle alla valdostana, which are possibly frozen, but despite that they taste just great. We went to this place because we know that their portion of crespelle is quite "massive", other places have just a smaller portion and... that is not enough for us!
Mattias took a carbonada and I found out that that was a dish I could have liked as well. He finished the dinner with a small glass of genepy (a liquor made with juniper that is typical of the area). The dinner was not too bad, the price was ok, of course, it was nothing fancy, but we were longing so much for the crespelle that anything else didn't really matter!

We were too lazy to go home and cook, the day we took a long walk downtown in the village. Hence, we didn't know where to go and eat, so we decided to try the Le Relais du Pelerin. For lunch.
That turned out to be a bit weird, maybe the dinner would have been better.
We were surrounded by workers and the menu was limited to few, rustic, dishes. We decided to take just a simple pasta, and that was good, but...very simple and very expensive, considering!
We simply were a bit too disappointed, but luckily we didn't decide to have a full lunch!

The last evening before going home, instead of cooking what we had in the fridge, we decided to try instead the only restaurant in the St Rhemy village, the Hotel Suisse. The place is cozy and we found out that the menu was watering our mouths, and for a not too bad price either.
The food was really typical. I took some chestnuts gnocchi with Aosta Blue Cheese and local blueberries, Mattias took some tagliatelle with some sort of mushrooms. The main dish was for me the carbonada (yes, I really enjoyed it!) and for Mattias there was a really nice rabbit dish.
Everything was very well cooked and we concluded the dinner with a saffron creme brulee', which we should have been not splitting.
That was a really good conclusion of the little vacation we had!

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