Friday, July 22, 2011


I must say the expectations I had on this game were not met whatsoever.
I thought it would have been a strange card game, with no big depth.
Instead, it turned out to be a quite interesting strategy game, not trivial at all and unexpected outcome.
Yes, if for good part of the game it seems the winner will be one, then at the end, with some good maneuver it could be somebody else.
It is a lot about guessing, intuition and also a bit of luck.

One can be a different character at each turn (a bit like in Puerto Rico), each character giving a special ability that can help out performing the action of the turn. The aim is to build eight districts: that will conclude the game, but the player with the highest amount of points will of course win.

I found the game quite well balanced and simple to learn. Not that fast, after all, since the strongest player changes quite often and the others try to compromise his actions.
A great game to play if one doesn't have too much time to dig into a booklet of rules, but still want to use the brain (or what is left of it ;D) and keep the mind well awake!

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  1. Hai mai giocato a "Lupus in fabula"????

    Max Dejavù

  2. Se e' quello che si puo' giocare con un mucchio di gente, si'! Ho visto che esiste anche la versione con carte, ma si chiama Lupus in Tabula?


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