Sunday, March 13, 2011

Where to make a baby sleep...

Also the decision on where to make our baby sleep has not been easy. That is because we have evaluated several parameters: cost, comfort and space as major ones.
These the limitations: reduced space in our bedroom, cats and not a great enthusiasm in making the baby sleep with us.

So, we discarded to buy the cot for the first months, since our bedroom is quite tight and we would have to move some furniture out and then the question would have been...where? :) I would have preferred to make her used to sleep in her cot already from the beginning, but...

The next option was then to buy a moses nest. However, this is quite expensive in Sweden and we were evaluating this idea only if the pram would have not had a carrycot. Considering that this kind of bed would have been used just for the first 3-4 months, we thought that it was enough with one of them. Anyway, there were many lovely Moses nest available in UK and on their websites.

Since at the end, we ended up buying a pram that included a carrycot, we thought that we could use the carrycot as bed, exploiting it as much as possible during its short life time. I really didn't feel like putting it on the floor, with drafts, cats, cats' hair and general dirt, I didn't think it was exactly the ideal place where to put anyone to sleep at all! The hunt for a stand started and that was not easy at all.
It seems that for some prams models there are specific stands that are sold, however, our model didn't have it. I found a universal one sold years ago by Chicco, in some Ebay page, but the contact person decided to sell it to somebody else just when I confirmed we were interested.

Looking around, I realized we could use a Moses nest stand and I searched on all Swedish shops, with the result that I found just 3-4 shops having it and with a fancy cost.
Finally, I decided to import it from UK since the item is much more common and the cost was incredibly lower. We went for Amazon, and the model we liked (and that would fit our carrycot) was of course not sold internationally.
Eventually, we ended up on this website for some strange reason and bought this item:

This will hopefully fit our carrycot and it matches our bedroom colors. It seems quite stable and it was not that expensive. And so far, it seems that the shop gave us good service. Let's hope next week we will get it home.

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