Monday, March 7, 2011

More baby theme

Of course, like every mom-to-be baby things are quite an obsession, especially near the end of the pregnancy. Let's not talk about the fact that we are behind all preparations, but let's focus on what we have mainly got so far, instead!

We got this funny snake directly from Israel, the first extremely foreign present, which is colorful and have a lot of fancy sounds:

The best though is the expression of the head:

We can go back into the normal field of clothing, thanks to grandma' (farmor):

To be combined with:

Or this (the pink hat was a present fr:om Italy, instead). I think the white hat might be a good "first hat" depending on how big the head will be...

Also Mattias' mother has done some handcrafting for our baby, this is a nice soft blanket that she can have when it is a bit chilly outside:

But when it is a bit warmer, we can reuse this coming from my brother (I mean, my brother was the first to use it):

Or maybe we can experiment with this sleeping sack instead of using sheets and blankets:

But maybe she will like to have these smalls and warm dresses as pijiamas instead?:


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  1. Che cose carine Arianna!mi piace tutto dal giochino buffo, alle copertine, ai body e tutine tenerissimi!:)


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