Saturday, March 5, 2011

Swedish style tapas?

I believe it is one of the latest trends to open restaurant that instead of serving big portions of food, serve smaller portions (and of course a smaller price) in order to make it become more like a tasting party of different dishes. I also think that this is inspired by the tapas concept and why not, it is not that bad afterall if the bill doesn't become too high and the menu is not too ambitious.
The risk with this concept is to try to cover too many dishes and too many kitchen, but yesterday, we were at Plockepinn and we thought that that was a good implementation of such an idea.
There was some asiatic inspiration in the dishes, but all together, the dishes we took were nice and the menu rich but not absurd.

The high peak of the evening (if we exclude the extra scratches on the car and the fine)?
* Some simple french fries with mayonnese, which were really nice
* Korean inspired seeweed sallad
* Deep fried scampi, with a nice dip sauce
* The lemon sorbet

I guess Mattias might have had other high points, but I think these were the best for me.

The restaurant itself is located in the choklad fabriken building (Mazetti house), with a feeling (or ceiling) of industrial/office taste which was not that great in the attempt to make the place look cozy, although designed with a modern taste.

Decent service, quite fast, a bit strange way of booking (we had a table between 18 and 20 - then I think they eventually would have kicked us out?), a place where we might come back, but that has not taken our breath away! 3.5 stars?


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