Sunday, March 6, 2011

Operation "Walk in closet" aka, "it never ends"

Maybe stating that "it never ends" is not exactly correct. The work per se is not a 200 hours work, but the problem for us has been to find the time to do every single step of this operation.
We started this autumn and we have come as far as now it is time to put back the objects in.

  1. we could not remove properly the wooden strips. We managed just on one side and then we had to glue it up back because the constructions was badly done from the start. This meant that where we put the wallpaper there is a strange "cut" and the wallpaper doesn't go behind the strip :-/
  2. we totally forgot to look for the floor. We didn't think at all if the floor would be matching the wall so now we have some sort of linoleum floor that is not exactly beautiful and we can't remove it due to the wooden strips. I am thinking of putting just another layer on top, but we need to consult some "expert" before doing this or we will do a mess
  3. putting up the wallpaper was not exactly as easy as we thought, although we bought an "easy up" wallpaper.
  4. we had to buy a good deal of tools to handle several steps and this means that we need even more storage place for all of this ;-/

Nevertheless, this is the result so far!
Detail of the wallpaper (I really love the butterfly motif and the silverish shade):

I think we did a good job with the color choice, it is not that pink to be lame:

We put back one of the shelves after covering it up with the wallpaper. I think it became pretty nice:

First put back some of the things that were originally there. Part of the plan is to try to label properly the boxes and cover the ones that have no special pattern with some nice colorful paper.
Try to see how much space is left and what we need still to put in. For example, it would be a nice idea to buy some shoe furniture that can store many shoes.
But we want also to have something fancy, like a mirror, that could cover the panel with the fuses. Like this one:

And this needs to be done asap, since the guestroom is covered in all these objects and we need to sort them out before our baby come! A lot of her clothes are in the pile and they still need to be washed :-/


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