Monday, March 14, 2011

Mansion of madness

Last friday, we had the opportunity to play a new game, which by casualties (or not really) is set yet again in the world of Call of Cthulhu. It seems that the big squid is actually on to us and I haven't even read a single Lovecraft book. Maybe I should abandon the Silmarillion passion for the Necronomicon?

The ratings of Mansion of Madness are pretty high and it is quite understandable why (considering also the comparison with Arkham Horror). There is a good atmosphere, there is a definite less amount of rules, exceptions, cards and tokens and there is a continuity between the two games (at least, in the characters one can choose).

It is quite intriguing with puzzles to be solved and a mistery and it is nice that the "evilness" is dictacted by a keeper, some sort of evil overlord a la Descent to Hell.
At least, also the evil forces can do mistakes :-)

In comparison still with Arkham Horror, the game is less mechanic, however the collaborative part is not really pushed as in Arkham Horror, where when things start to go bad, everyone is panicking and finally start to talk to each other.

Here, time is also quite crucial and we have to admit, we were quite lucky in defeating the evil keeper and his horrible shaggoth that appeared at the altar thanks to two of my teeth sacrificed for the mega squid!!!

I surely would like to play it again, also I believe, there is an infinite amount of scenarios possible and that is going to be quite funny!

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