Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Looking back at Christmas...

Christmas was one month ago and in this month I have definitely focused on something else than putting a summary of what our family has received as present from Santa Claus.
One letter for each of us
 The one that had most expectations over Christmas was of course Isabella. For her the most important word was GOLD. For four months she had been asking and longing for some golden shoes.
The golden shoes
A golden shower cap
She got also some golden gairment, in the specific some leggings, a sweater and some t-shirts and some extra golden item, like a shower cap and even some tape.
Additionally, also Uaua got a golden present specifically prepared for him/her.
Uaua dressed in gold. He looks like the Pope!
If we exclude the Barbies, Isabella made jackpot with a lot of books (one in specific about space and planets), a stickers book, stencils, colors, socks, a pair of ladybug wings, and a couple of interesting games.

Ladybug wings

Plenty of colors of all kinds for her artistic moments

A hand embroidered turtle for Isabella
Two of the games I can highlight are very interesting.
The first one is a very simple roll-the-die game, which quickly has become Isabella's favourite. The mechanism is very simple (one roll the die and move the characters on the board in base on the color of the die), but can become quite exciting thanks to the "amulets" which appear as one side of the die and can bring the characters back and forth on the path. A game can be as quick as 2 minutes as long as half an hour...
The Palace Game
The second is an interactive game which makes use of the TipToi pen. TipToi is a pen which makes a book or a board game interactive. Isabella got for her birthday a book about farm and farming and she enjoyed quite much the possibilities given by the device (although, possibly she will do it even more when growing up). 
The Monster Music School is even more interactive and provide a great learning base, with the possibility to compete with other players. I realize she will end up playing this only with the few italian friends she has or us, but for me it is totally worthy. The game was actually very well done!
The Monster Music School
Also Oscar appreciated his first Christmas and Santa Claus with the presents. Also for him there were books, some clothes, socks, some nice woods toys and a beautiful lamp (which unfortunately is still in Italy for lack of space on our way back - I will post something on it when we will get it here!). 
He also got a big pillow-blanket, which I have promptly used to lift him up when he has a cold (basically all the time ;-)).
A cat team for Oscar's pillow
 If we exclude the gardening books, I have got a very beautiful lined notebook with a wonderful Mucha cover (Emerald), which I am sure I will make good use for when my Moleskin will be full with notes about Åkarp.
Paperblanks Mucha Emerald Slim
 It was by my request, but ended up being a good present for Mattias as well (who otherwise got a sweater) a fantastic Bluetooth portable speaker:Bose Soundlink Mini. The sound quality is just great and it is very practical to have the possibility to connect any device of ours to it and just carry the speaker around (and not a laptop or a lousy phone). I have tested today and it is possible to have the laptop downstairs while the speaker is upstairs. The sound quality is not always perfect then, but still good enough for accompanying chores.
A strong recommendation for anyone looking for such a device!
Our cute "retro styled" speaker
I have also asked for a system camera (I'd hope that would improve the quality of my fantastic blog photos), but Santa didn't bring it... maybe I didn't behave that good last year, afterall? :)

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