Thursday, January 15, 2015

Tales of Symphonia, by Hitoshi Ichimura

Tales Of Symphonia: Extra LoadTales Of Symphonia: Extra Load by Hitoshi Ichimura
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I haven't been playing the role playing game, neither the videogames. Without background, I find myself reading a fantasy manga which is drawn in a neat and classical style.
The story is pleasant enough but weak in few spots. Luckily, it doesn't become mechanic and losing the tempo in ripetitive details which would characterize the mission the characters are involved into. However, the rythm is not always constant and there are moments where the story is slightly aground.
What I enjoyed the least where the characters. No one of them turned out to be a revolutionary surprise and no one of them did develop in some unexpected manner.
But possibly, the fact that the setting is surely not Tolkien's word doesn't help the characters to acquire a needed depth.
The final chapter of the story could have been more conclusive. The "Extra load" volume could have been left unwritten, or if needed, it should have actually helped out in filling the missing story parts if written in a more considerate way: it seems the author didn't want to write it and was in hurry to get rid of it.

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