Monday, February 9, 2015

Shampoo hat

Washing a kid's hair can be a traumatic experience, both for the parents and the kid (maybe also for the cats that have to hear the screams), I still remember myself how annoying it was too.
I don't have hands big enough to protect the eyes from the soapy water and my daughter have a tendency to not keep the head back long enough to go through a proper rinsing phase.

However, when reading Thermae Romae, I realized I wanted to buy an item that is described there as a "fantastic invention of the people with the flat face", a shampoo hat.
The problem though is that finding it here in the "Western world" is almost as impossible as to find it in Ancient Rome.
Thermae Romae #2 cover with the shampoo hat wore by a statue of Laocoon

Eventually, after some serious web surfing, I have found here, so I gracefully paid for it and for the delivery (whose cost was higher than the item itself) and after few days I have tested it on Isabella's head successfully.
Maybe we should all do some time/space travelling to Japan and import some useful items here...
The shampoo hat which we purchased in white

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