Saturday, January 24, 2015

I have 1 year!

Few weeks ago (exactly 16 days ago), Oscar celebrated his first birthday.

A little train for the party boy
Since we are sure he is not going to reflect too much over this day right now, we have kept the celebration very intimate, having just one of our neighbours over for something very improvised.
For the occasion, I prepared two batches of muffin: one with chocolate and one with blueberry. The first ones looked also good, the second collapsed although the taste was good.
I have of course forgotten to take a proper picture of the masterpiece!

Preparation for the muffins
Isabella and all of us tried to make his day as...normal as possible, except for the fact that due to the celebration he didn't took his afternoon nap.
It seemed very surreal to celebrate him since time has flied in some strange way (possibly all through the roof) and it seems yesterday, when the fight with the logistic of having two kids started.
But it is amazing to see him growing and learning new things and expressing his will. At least, now, we can finally understand what he wants to eat from the table :)

His presents
Despite our intentions, he still put together few presents, a couple of books that he is actually liking quite much (differently from Isabella's time, reading with him is a rare occasion :-/), a small Duplo set (that is shared wisely with Isabella) and a sweater knitted by farmor (which is similar to the one owned by his cousin born 3 weeks later).

After Oscar's birthday and the birthday parties of the last week, Isabella is already planning her next birthday party...
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