Friday, January 23, 2015

Vintage Barbie

We have noticed Isabella's interest for playing with dolls and dollhouses. She is not for big dolls, but small ones with small things to dress/undress/torture seems to do the trick.
It's good that Santa Claus is very wise and went and took some of my old Barbie items and pack it as Christmas present for her.
The pity was that among the items there was the City house. A four store building with an elevator which, although dismounted, refused to fit into any of our luggage (damn 5 cm too many!) forcing us to prepare a big package to send instead while we were travelling back home.
Of course, we took advantage of the package to fill in the box with manga comics and all sort of amenities...

She was longing very much for the house (the dolls travelled more safely with us, instead) and when it came we had definitely to prioritize mounting it.
We found a good spot in our veranda, creating a barrier from monsters (Oscar) and although it is a very temporary position, it seems it is the right one for this period where she is not yet playing by herself without us being "around" (which means in another room, but still nearby).

The 80s townhouse
The furniture is the original with some addition. Isabella promptly made a bed with paper for one of the Barbies (which is now located in the bathroom), and there is some extra living room set coming from the 70s for some other doll.

She didn't get all the Barbies I had (hence, she will have plenty with the time being, so hopefully noone will have the brilliant ideas to buy more accessories, dolls, clothes or whatever since I had plenty), but few ones. Tropical Ken, Malibu Barbie, Suncharm Barbie, Superstar Barbie, a dog and a horse (Prancer). One of the dolls is a Tanya, an italian copy of Barbie, which we have named Viola having lilac eyes and hair (and dress..)

Tropical Ken
My first Barbie Malibu
Suncharm Barbie
Superstar Barbie
The dog
The Horse
Unfortunately, despite me keeping things quite in good shape when playing with them 30 years ago, some plastic details has failed the age. They became brittle. Same destiny to some clothes which had to be adjusted since they were falling literally apart. 
Also the colors of clothes and furniture has slightly changed, thanks to the sun and the age.

Barbie Luxury Beauty Center

Barbie Luxury Bath

Although she hasn't yet got the manuality for changing the clothes herself, she is really enjoying playing (and we enjoying watching her playing). I hope everything will survive at least 10 years more., or maybe 20, then we can celebrate 50 years of this stuff ;-)
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