Tuesday, March 5, 2013


It is amazing how much a beautiful bouquet of flowers can do in a home.
This time, Mattias chose to go "classical" and bought for us a beautiful bouquet of tulips.

 I was a bit confused on why so many people (=Swedes) buy Tulips right now. Tulips will be out in the gardens around May!
Therefore, I decided to do some little research and found out these facts:

  1. There is something called "Tulip day", which is celebrated the 15th of January. I think this is the starting point of the Tulip season, which will last until Easter
  2. The Tulip season and Tulip day is a reasonably new tradition, which started about 20 years ago
  3. The purpose of this is to make flower shops rich since Swedes buy over 120 million tulips each year!
  4. In reality, the idea is to welcome spring (although, as we all known Spring will come much later on and in Sweden even later on, to be honest ;D). Why choosing tulips and not some other flower (that can grow in greenhouses) is to me unknown
  5. For Easter, yellow tulips are the rule!
  6. The majority of the tulips bought in Sweden are actually Swedish! (I'd imagined instead they were Dutch!)
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  1. Ma che belli i tulipani! Ed è un peccato che siano poco regalati rispetto a mazzi di rose nei ristoranti passasse un venditore di tulipani..:D


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